Amazon customer furious after catching delivery driver helping himself to box of matches while dropping off parcels

Amazon customer furious after catching delivery driver helping himself to box of matches while dropping off parcels

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A FURIOUS Amazon customer has shared footage of a light-fingered delivery man helping himself to a pack of matches.

The footage, captured on a doorbell cam, shows the driver checking out several items on the shelf in the porch before deciding on the matches and quickly stuffing them into his pocket.

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The driver sifts through items on the shelf before grabbing the box of matches[/caption]

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Furious Luke, 26, posted to Amazon’s Facebook page[/caption]

The driver can be seen rifling through several items on the porch’s shelf before settling on the matches.

He then picks them up and shoves them into his pocket after a quick inspection.

The man then resumes a calm exterior before he rings the doorbell to deliver an armful of packages.

Luke Crane, from Dartford, Kent posted the clip to Amazon’s Facebook page, asking: “Care to explain why your driver is helping himself to items on my property?”

Luke, a 26-year-old engineer said he was furious at the driver’s “audacity” to “help himself,” adding that although the theft was only of a box of matches, his partner sometimes leaves her phone there.


On Facebook, Luke wrote: “My partner was at home, the driver pushed the Ring doorbell which was in plain sight so was oblivious there was a camera their [sic].

“What if I had hidden a spare key there in case my partner had an accident and our parents had to get in the house? The audacity to just help himself has really annoyed me,” he added.

“It was literally a box of matches but my partner frequently leaves her phone there when unlocking the front door with our daughter in the buggy so could have easily been a brand new phone.”

Luke says he hasn’t yet contacted the police because he was waiting for amazon to resolve the issue.

An Amazon customer service representative replied to Luke’s post, writing: “Oh no! We’re so sorry for this experience, Luke.
“This isn’t the level of service that we strive to provide.

“We’d love the opportunity to have our team investigate this further for you.”

Amazon UK also released a statement regarding the incident, revealing that the delivery driver had been sacked.

Amazon told Sun Online: “We have very high standards for our delivery service providers and how they serve customers.

“The delivery associate will no longer be delivering on behalf of Amazon.”

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Looking shifty, the driver quickly shoves the matches in his pocket before ringing the doorbell[/caption]

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The driver then assumes a calm and collected face as he goes on to deliver the parcels[/caption]

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